Basic Makeup Know How’s




Makeup has been an in thing for girls from way back and until today. It is so popular that a lot of girls and ladies in the present day are even studying makeup in the comfort of their own homes. Attending makeup Thai classes or going to a prestigious cosmetology school is not necessary these days because a lot of things can be learned by reading books and by going online. Michelle Phan, a self made makeup artist and a Youtube sensation did not study makeup but she was successful in the field. She is a living evidence that not all things can be studied in school but a lot of things can be learned through experience. Get these simple makeup know how’s for starters and who knows you may be the next Michelle Phan.

  1. Start off with a clean face. Make sure that you don’t put makeup right after you wash your face to avoid makeup from seeping into the skin. At least wait for five minutes before applying anything. This is applicable for people with dry to oily skin.
  2. Use a primer or a moisturizer before putting foundation or makeup. This step helps pores be minimized, again, preventing makeup to seep in your skin. This also helps you have a fresh finish.
  3. Contour your whole face. Contouring helps enhance the natural beauty of the face. Usually, areas such as the temples, under the cheekbones, under the jaw line, the bridge of the nose, are just few of many areas that need to be contoured to bring out the real beauty in you.

Outward appearance will always be a basis of how beautiful a person is but combine it with inner beauty and you will see how pretty a person really is.

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